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LED Panel light product features and installation considerations

    2016-05-18 Browse: 220

Product features:

1. led panel light is using LCD backlight technology and high efficiency LED chip, unique thermal design, to ensure that the LED with high efficiency, low depreciation, long service life.
2. bright and smooth surface bright and smooth, soft and not dazzling.
3.100~240VAC input voltage, high power efficiency. Start time is short, not flash frequency.
4.light weight, easy to install. Environmental protection, safety, no pollution, in compliance with the RoHs specification.
5. stable performance, low maintenance rate. Universal, easy to install and save space
6. The life of LED panel light was up to 30 thousand hours or more, even if the frequent switch will not affect the life of the product; lighting products, does not contain mercury, lead and other pollution elements;
8. LED panel light no UV light, no infrared, free to be irradiated by radiation damage;
9.Using soft technology makes the LED lamp is extended to surface light source, eliminate glare, visual fatigue, the visual effect of sublimation;
10. LED panel light's color index is high, color reduction is strong, visual clarity, see the object is not distorted, suitable for high-end commercial lighting;
11.No stroboscopic, pure DC operation, eliminating the traditional visual fatigue caused by strobe light;

Installation attention:

1.This product should be installed by professional electricians.
2. Check the integrity of the product when it is pulled out from the box.
3. And any flammable materials to ensure at least 0.2m distance, to ensure that the installation is the zenith has 2
centimeters high gap, wall lamps and lanterns can't all installed in the inside of the zenith, or a heat source, should pay attention to the low pressure and high pressure electric line go separate lines.
4. The connection of the lamp can be connected with the wire clip from the back of the lamp.
Fixed, to ensure that fixed firmly.
5. To ensure that the power cord of the lamp is of sufficient length, do not be subjected to tension or tangential force. Installation of lamps and lanterns to avoid too much tension, do not make the connection. Output connection should pay attention to distinguish, do not confuse with other lamps.
6. After the installation is good, the low voltage plug of the lamp is connected with the low-voltage plug of the switch power supply.
7. The switch power supply of the lamp is connected with the electric power of the tail of the lamp, the usual Brown (black) line is the line of fire, and the blue line is the zero graduation.
8. Non professional personnel are not allowed to disassemble, maintenance, our reserves the right to disassemble, repair products give the replacement or warranty service.