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Characteristics and application range of LED panel light

    2016-05-18 Browse: 198

Product characteristics:

[efficient]: energy saving, high brightness, no mercury, no infrared, no UV, no electromagnetic interference, no heat effect, no radiation, no stroboscopic phenomenon; the new(95%)constant current driver;

[bright and uniform]:Bright light perfectly flat output,Light emitting angle wider;

[ultra thin ultra light]:Special circuit design,To avoid the effect of a single bad light on the overall effect;
Stable and durable:5 year period of use,Not subject to radio interference,Will not pollute the environment.

Application range

Hotels, meeting rooms, factories or offices, commercial use, residential or public facilities, schools, hospitals need energy saving and high color rendering index lighting.
LED light guide plate characteristic:
Tungsten lamp and halogen lamp has great heat and harmful ultraviolet or infrared, the input power is up to 95%;
Harmful UV or infrared heating causes discoloration or damage;
Improve the heat treatment (no UV, no infrared) to ensure that the "green lighting" of the long service life.
Emergency treatment:
In different occasions, according to customer's requirements, the installation of the flat lamp matching emergency function, power can still continue after power supply 3 hours.