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How to buy LED flat light and how to maintain?

How to choose and buy: LED flat lamp and other lighting compared advantage is very outstanding: ultra-thin, ultra light, ultra energy saving, long life, super easy worry! Green environmental protection. However, LED flat lamp quality varies greatly, consumers do n

LED Panel light product features and installation considerations

Product features: 1. led panel light is using LCD backlight technology and high efficiency LED chip, unique thermal design, to ensure that the LED with high efficiency, low depreciation, long service life. 2. bright and smooth surface bright and smooth, sof...

Characteristics and application range of LED panel light

Product characteristics: [efficient]: energy saving, high brightness, no mercury, no infrared, no UV, no electromagnetic interference, no heat effect, no radiation, no stroboscopic phenomenon; the new(95%)constant current driver; [bright and uniform]:Brig

What is LED panel light

Energy saving, high brightness, no mercury, no infrared, no ultraviolet radiation, no electromagnetic interference, no heating effect, no radiation, no stroboscopic phenomenon. And the weight of it is light, have a variety of ways to installation, such as embeddin...